From 2 August to 10 August 2019.


You can make porcelain jewelry with me in sunny southern France!


What we are going to make depends on you as a participant. One thing is certain: you go home with three homemade sets of necklaces with earrings.

With all the new ideas and knowledge that you gain during this course, you can continue your new hobby at home.

The course is intended for anyone who wants to make porcelain jewelry, ranging from beginner to advanced students. 



It’s a big step from making and selling porcelain jewelry, to leading a course. It took a while before I was persuaded but now I’m ready and excited. I’m going to share my knowledge and experience with you, from design to end product. You will learn the basics but also the intricacies of the profession. We will be working with various techniques. Everything is possible. It's up to you.

I think that porcelain is a fantastic material for making jewelry. It can be shaped in many ways and the wafer-thin end product is light, strong and pleasing to the eye. I want to challenge you to discover what you can do with the material.


Do you already have a nice design in your head?


The course is given in Cordes-sur-Ciel. As you might know, my parents have been teaching ceramic courses there for years. They have a top-class accommodation. The workshop is very large. After work you can cool down in the swimming pool and in the evening we eat under the linden tree. Accompanied by a glass of wine, enjoying the peace. Oh, and we eat hot meals twice a day, after all we are in France.


The course starts the 2 of August and lasts until August the 10th. Participation in the course costs 695 euros. This includes material, food, drinks and accommodation in a tent or caravan you bring yourself. There are also a number of rooms available for a modest surcharge.


It will be a fantastic week. Learn the trade, create jewelry and relax.


More information is here. Or sent me an e-mail.